2. Environmental & Sustainability Aspects of Tissue

Tissue has lots of positive Sustainability aspects. Here we tell some of the stories regarding paper, tissue and sustainability. A very important aspect concerns where the main raw material for tissue comes from: Wood fibers from trees. Trees are superb creations, producing easily-renewable cellulose wood fibers while sucking in and absorbing CO2 and thereby releasing oxygen. This chapter aims to cover the environmental story of the tissue making process, focusing quite a bit on the most important raw material, renewable cellulose wood fibers.

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a. Tissue: A Sustainability Star
b. Sofidel and Sustainability: Pushing the Boundaries, for Good
c. Fiberpack® – Innovative carton recycling that even benefits wheelchair visits on Venice gondolas
d. Renewability of forests & wood fibers
e. Fiber processing & recycling
f. Forestry & economics of fiber supply
g. Renewable forests & CO2 reduction

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