Tissue Makers and Tissue Paper Products have a GREAT Story to Tell . . .

It’s the TissueStory, centered on 3 key points:

1. Hygiene for Health

hygiene and health

Tissue paper products provide Essential Hygiene that improves Human Health, Comfort and Lives by helping prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses and disease. Scientific studies and leading global health experts have shown the critical relation between tissue, hygiene and healthLearn More

2. Renewable Raw Materials


Renewable, Recycled and CO2 capture are all very important environmental words and concepts today. And the Wood Fibers that Tissue Makers use to make highly-functional tissue paper products are positive in all of these aspects, with most of them coming from managed, sustainable forests. Learn More

3. Technology & Science

technology and science

Tissue products are not simple commodities. They are actually advanced specialty papers based on Paper Engineering, which involves physical sciences like chemistry and physics, combined with life sciences such as biology and biochemistry, applied to make useful paper products. Learn More

What is TissueStory all about?  Watch this very short video, where Hugh O’Brian explains the purpose and objectives.

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These are the progressive Founding Members who are
supporting this new initiative to Positively Promote Tissue:

Is our future written on paper?

See this great video called “Chasing Paper” by National Geographic Italia.

The video, tracing the history of paper, ends with this fantastic quote:

“Without paper, we wouldn’t be who we are today”

TissueStory, started in mid-2016, is a work in progress to create the
World’s Knowledge Center for the Tissue Paper Products business.

The PURPOSE – To increase pride within the tissue community and
increase appreciation for tissue products outside the community.

The VISION – Via TissueStory website, the aim is to:
• Stimulate Greater Appreciation of the Hygiene & Health benefits of Tissue
• Improve the Environmental Image of the Industry
• Spread KnowHow and Promote the High-Technology aspects of the Science of Tissue Making.
All three of these positive points, Hygiene-Environment-Technology (H-E-T), are important and will be included to tell the complete story.

Target Audience, at this point –
1. The Internal Tissue Community: Tissue makers and Converters
2. The Extended Tissue Value chain: Supplier to mills through to retailers/distributors
3. Other External Stakeholders and Influencers: Academia, Students, NGOs, Journalists

Please feel free to share the content of our website.  Thank you!