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One of the objectives of the TissueStory project is to help attract more qualified people to work in the tissue industry, to ensure that it continues to grow and develop. The tissue business offers very interesting career opportunities in many parts of the world in professions such as production and engineering, technology and research, product development, sales and marketing, and general management.

Tissue is a big business. Worldwide sales are estimated to be about USD 80-90 billion per year in categories like bathroom tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, handkerchiefs, table napkins, as well as commercial and industrial wipes. Tissue products are known as one of the fastest moving categories in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector.

As an example, in the USA Nielsen consumer data shows that tissue paper products in dollar terms are by far the largest nonfood category for retailers, and the third largest category of all food and nonfood. In addition, tissue is a big driver of traffic in stores, with the average US shopper spending twice as much per visit when paper products are purchased. This is not specifically because the paper products are expensive, but because when shoppers are buying paper products in large quantities they buy many other grocery items in large quantities as well.

Companies operating in the tissue sector range from some of the largest and best-known multinational companies through to medium and even small size producers. Some are family-owned while others are public companies listed on the stock market. The largest players have a global reach while many others have their focus on regional or even national markets. The tissue category includes some of the world’s best-known consumer brands, with the branding and marketing angle of tissue an extremely important aspect of the business.

Whether you are just starting university or have recently graduated with a degree, or even if you are ‘mid-career’, the tissue sector is worth considering for your future development. By examining the information included on these pages you will get a good overview of the numerous interesting aspects of the tissue business.


Paper Engineering

An important feature of tissue paper products that is sometimes overlooked is the advanced science and technology used to make them. Tissue machines making the ultra-light tissue paper can be as wide as 8 m (26 feet) across and running as fast as 2,000 meters per minute (75 mph). Many factors must be combined to achieve this.

This field is generally called Paper Engineering, which deals with physical sciences like chemistry and physics, combined with life sciences such as biology and biochemistry in conjunction with mathematics and applied to convert raw materials into these useful paper products.

But it is not just the paper machines that are impressive. The entire converting process, as well as packaging, bundling and logistics is also based on advanced engineering and technology.

Paper & Pulp Technology Schools

Below is a list of universities and colleges that offer educational programs in paper and pulp technology. Please note: This list may be incomplete. If you have a school or program that you think should be included, please let us know via the contact form.

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