3. Tissue Machine Technology

The tissue machine is a complex and impressive feat of engineering. This chapter will go through the various functions and sections of the paper machine which are designed to produce the tissue sheet. This includes the headbox and forming section, pressing and drying, creping and reeling into the jumbo reel, as well as various auxiliary operations involved in making tissue.

a. The Goal: Softness, strength & liquid absorption to meet customer demands

b. Headbox, Wet end & Forming section

c. Pressing techniques

d. Drying: Yankee dryer & Air hood

e. The Steel Yankee dryer Steel Yankee Dryer

f. The Basics of Creping Creping Basics

g. Dry end & reel

h. Felts, fabrics and rolls

i. Expanding Shafts in tissue production

j. Conventional Crescent former Crescent Former

k. TAD – Through Air Drying TAD

l. New Hybrid technology NTT & ATMOS

m. Yankee Services for Better Performance

n. Drying Strategies: Yankee dryer & Air hood balance Drying Strategies: Yankee dryer & Air hood balance

o. Yankee Steam & Condensate Cookbook Yankee Steam & Condensate Cookbook

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