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ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER is a global market leader in the supply of systems and services from the woodyard to paperfinishing. The ANDRITZ tissue technology group offers customized (conventional and TAD) as well as standardized tissue machine concepts. Ventilation and drying systems, and energy saving solutions, complement the portfolio. The tissue machines are equipped with a PrimeDry Steel Yankee, and can be equipped with a PrimePress XT Evo shoe press, and a PrimeDry HeatRecovery ReEvaporation system which all help to achieve remarkable savings. ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER is also a leading global supplier of stock pumps, fiber preparation systems and equipment for fiber, sludge, reject and internal water loop handling. Service activities are focused on assisting customers to increase their operational efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Areas of competence, expertise and contributions in tissue:

  • Complete lines from stock preparation to the reel including automation and pumps
  • Turn-key solutions for tissue production
  • CrescentFormer tissue machines, and Through-Air-Drying (TAD) tissue machines
  • Rebuilds and key components for energy savings and production efficiency, Resource-Management systems (RMS
  • Steel Yankees including head insulation, and services likes grinding, coating, and On-The-Run measurements
  • Drying and ventilation systems including re-evaporation heat-recovery
  • Comprehensive service activities to keep maintenance costs low and product lifetime at a maximum

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Elisabeth Wolfond
Marketing Director
Pulp Drying and Paper

PrimeLineTM W8

PrimeLineTM W8: CrescentFormer tissue machine with energy and resource saving components.

PrimeDry Yankee service

PrimeDry Yankee service: comprehensive service activities from grinding and coating, spot repair, to On-The-Run measurements and analysis.

PrimePress XT Evo

PrimePress XT Evo: the new generation of shoe presses for improved dewatering, higher post-press dryness, and reduced need for thermal drying.


Sun Paper Industry, Yanzhou PM27 and PM28, China

Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich (Fripa), Miltenberg PM6, Germany

Fushun Mining Group, Hupo Paper PM1, China

Hebei Yihoucheng, Baoding TM1, China

Hengan Group, Jinjiang PM15 and PM16, China