Fabio Perini Copy

Innovation and advanced technology, a high degree of specialization in designing solutions for the converting and packaging of tissue products, cutting-edge services and assistance as a reference point for a business philosophy that places the customer at the center, a solid and well established global presence: this is the world of Fabio Perini.

A reference point acknowledged and appreciated worldwide by all those involved in the field for its high degree of innovation and technology, Fabio Perini S.p.A. designs and develops lines and integrated systems based on proprietary technologies for the converting and packaging of a wide range of tissue products:
toilet rolls, kitchen towels, industrial rolls.
Traditionally, those involved in the industry know that turning to Fabio Perini S.p.A. means confiding in a company that has one of the most complete and advanced offers available for range, quality and specialization. And just as unique is its ability to answer the most diverse needs with focused solutions, from the basic line up to fast, sophisticated systems featuring highly evolved technology.

The company’s commitment to offering services has allowed it to consolidate its presence also in fast-growing markets, establishing its brand as a guarantee of reliability and assistance worldwide thanks to the presence of production facilities in Europe (Italy), North America, Brazil and China. Belonging to a large integrated international group translates into concrete strategic advantages such as financial solidity, guarantee of independence and investments in research and development, the possibility of placing different market fields in relation to one another, sharing the most advanced competences and a capillary global presence.

Area of specialization: Fully integrated converting and packaging lines for tissue industry. Complete solutions for engraved rolls: from design, prototype, samples to final industrial product.