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For 20 years TMC has been offering the most innovative solutions to handle and solve the complexities related to the packaging and management of Tissue products. Our focus on innovation, as well as our ability to be first, define every company choice and behavior: our commitment on Research and Development is steady because it allows us to offer more and more advanced solutions to the market, not only from a technological point of view but also in terms of service quality, optimization of the production process, simple use and/or maintenance.

Areas of competence, expertise and contributions in tissue:
Starting from the rolls cut until their palletizing; TMC provides complete solutions and / or individual machines to treat the product from the log- saw to the entrance of the warehouse: our roll wrapping machines for single or multiple layer pack configurations, together with the bundling machines and case packers for the complete or partial wrapping of packs, are among the most appreciated by the market for their high productivity, high efficiency and packaging quality.

Our packaging solutions for Folded products include complete lines, from the exit of the folding machine to the pallet. For the secondary packaging, we have systems for plastic film wrapping and/or cardboard grouping. We are able to offer to the market high-performance cartoners, wrapping machines for the realization of single pack and / or multi-layer, single-layer wrapping for small configurations, high-speed case packers, integrated palletizing systems and shuttles specially made for the pallet treatment.

From the pack outfeed up to the palletizing, TMC provides solutions for secondary packaging and logistics of baby diapers and feminine care. In our line it is possible to integrate an accumulation system for a greater production efficiency and a significant reduction in down-times; bagging machines for the primary packaging of products; bundling machines combining the traditional “cut-weld” procedure with the most innovative technologies of robot infeed; wrapping machines for the secondary packaging introducing a new welding system poly on poly; case packer with medium – high performance; integrated palletizing systems for the packaging of products in bags or in display; integrated palletizing systems and shuttles specially made for the pallet treatment.

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